Hydro Gloss Wax

This newly developed ionic detergent components and cleaning micro particles will get rid of even stubborn dirt. Its strong water repellent components adhere to the surface and prevent the dirt and cleaning components from sticking again, shortening the rinsing time and helping you to wipe off remaining water drops with ease. Includes both a standard sponge which fits in your hand and a small sponge for narrow spaces.



New water based wax dosen’t use petro which is harmful for coated cars by new harden technology. The effect is as well as conventional solid wax. We prepare 3 types as “water mark prevention type”, “water repellent type” and “scratch removal type”.
Only you do is apply with included microfiber towel, this makes thick layer finish. These 3 types are compatible for all colors.


  1. Rinse off dirt or dust and wipe off water in car wash.
  2. Put moderate amount of wax to included towel, then polish evenly without unevenness.

Additional information


Water Mark Prevention Type, Water Repellent Type, Scratch Removal Type


150g, Microfiber wipe towel